Good People of the World


Welcome to my new series on the blog, Foot Shot Friday. Years ago started I started to take pictures of my feet when I went to a new place. I think this little quirk of mine started when I really got into hiking and the outdoors. It’s not because I think I have cute feet (I don’t) or because I’m incredibly proud of my shoes (except for a few splurges, most are from back of the store clearance racks.) I started to take pictures of my feet as an appreciation of how far they had taken me after I had climbed to a top of a mountain or waded through a slot canyon stream. Somehow this habit has just stuck. These “foot shoots” have become memories of specific journeys both physical and those that are less tangible. I thought I would share a few.


In hopes to save a few pennies, my husband and I borrowed a professional camera and traveled up the canyon to take family pictures in the stunning array of changing leaves. Both my husband and I know a little bit about camera settings, but we are by no means professionals. Even when the settings were right, our next dilemma was to get LM to look at the camera. No amount of candy or bribes could get that kiddo to give a smile at the lens when there was a babbling mountain stream nearby.

We were in a forest of golden aspens trying (once again) to get a decent picture of the three of us. An older fellow who was out taking pictures of the leaves stopped and asked if we wanted him to snap a few pictures with our camera instead of using the timer. We happily obliged. He glanced at the camera and politely asked if he could mess with some of the settings. We told him to go ahead. I then found myself in a photo shoot, as he gave direction and found the best background for our little family. Turns out, he was a retired wedding photographer. By the end of our time together, we had multiple fantastic photos to choose from.

We offered to pay him for his services. He laughed and told us that he had fun and not to worry about it. “Just consider it a blessing for the day and if you use any of them, you can give photo credit to Uncle Wade.” After that we walked back to our cars and bid farewell.

I believe there are millions of “Uncle Wades” out in the world. Those who quietly use their talents and kindness to help and lift others. I was grateful for his kind gesture and it was a great reminder to pay kindness forward. Thanks Uncle Wade.


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