Foot Shot Friday – Growing


Welcome to my new series on the blog, Foot Shot Friday. Years ago started I started to take pictures of my feet when I went to a new place. I think this little quirk of mine started when I really got into hiking and the outdoors. It’s not because I think I have cute feet (I don’t) or because I’m incredibly proud of my shoes (except for a few splurges, most are from back of the store clearance racks.) I started to take pictures of my feet as an appreciation of how far they had taken me after I had climbed to a top of a mountain or waded through a slot canyon stream. Somehow this habit has just stuck. These “foot shoots” have become memories of specific journeys both physical and those that are less tangible. I thought I would share a few.


It was a spontaneous trip to a new park right by a lake on a stunning fall day. Like any other trip to the park,  it started with LM holding my hand, staying close to me as we explored the playground. As his confidence grew, he let go of my hand and wandered as long as I stayed nearby. I edged a few feet away trying to give him a little space to run and show him he could do so. I know what it is like to be a hesitant kid. I feel a little pride as I watch him climb up and down the stairs along with the other kids, not showing any fear. I chat with my friends when at of the corner of my eye I see my little LM go down the slide all by himself for the first time. He did so with little fanfare. No, “Hey Mom, Look At Me!” He just did it. I applauded and he grinned his darling cheesy smile. I can tell he’s pleased with himself.

Later as we sit on the grass he watches the bigger kids roll down the hill. He mimics them by lying down and closing his eyes real tight, as if willing himself to move. He’s still waiting for the courage to actually roll down the hill. You’ll get there kiddo, don’t worry, I think. My little one is growing.


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