I am in the querying process for a contemporary YA fantasy I have written and I’m currently working on its sequel. Here is a little taste of what it is about…

Theo, a 17-year-old American backpacker, tries to brush off the odd behavior of the townspeople of Bridgington, an obscure English village, until a suspicious fire in the town square reveals the first of the town’s many secrets.

At the center of it all is the mysterious and daring 17-year-old Leyna, a “book keeper” with an ancient calling to mend tears between the literary world and reality; protecting each world from the other.

When fantastical monsters and villains start escaping their stories, Leyna insists it is someone else’s nefarious doing. The townspeople deny this as possible. Only Theo believes her. Together they work to discover and stop the saboteur before it’s too late…for both worlds.