Foot Shot Friday – A Walk in the Canyon

A Walk in the Canyon Leaves

Welcome to my new series on the blog, Foot Shot Friday. Years ago started I started to take pictures of my feet when I went to a new place. I think this little quirk of mine started when I really got into hiking and the outdoors. It’s not because I think I have cute feet (I don’t) or because I’m incredibly proud of my shoes (except for a few splurges, most are from back of the store clearance racks.) I started to take pictures of my feet as an appreciation of how far they had taken me after I had climbed to a top of a mountain or waded through a slot canyon stream. Somehow this habit has just stuck. These “foot shoots” have become memories of specific journeys both physical and those that are less tangible. I thought I would share a few.


After lamenting in a recent post about summer ending, I took LM and we went with some friends on a walk in the canyon. I have lived the majority of my life with a mountain less than an hour’s drive away, usually much closer. The few times I have moved away from the mountains, I become incredibly homesick for them. Going up the canyon always lifts my spirits.

Our hike was about a quarter of a mile along the swift river. Most of the hike was uphill. I was so proud of LM, as long as he had a stick in his hand that he could hit each boulder we passed, he was happy and walked along with me. I love sharing the things that bring me joy with my little boy. We walked along singing songs and LM was quick to use new words to describe to me what he was seeing. The canyon isn’t quite on a color of fire yet with golds, oranges and red, but there were a few trend-setting trees that have burst into full shades of crimson and yellows to give a taste of what is to come. I felt a stir of excitement, remembering all the things I love about autumn: pumpkin flavored everything, trick-or-treaters in adorable costumes, hayrides, cozy sweaters and boots, apple cider. By the end of our hike, my mood was much lighter. Welcome Fall, it is nice to see you again.



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