Recently my husband and I collaborated on creating a playlist for a road trip. I scanned through my music, the majority that I accumulated during my teen/college years. It’s interesting how one’s tastes changes over the years. My high school music is much too poppy for me now. My college music is too angst-y and dripping with emo choruses. Apparently I needed consoling from too many bruised hearts that comes along with the dating game.

I’m in this stage where it’s a struggle to find new anthems that describe the feelings of my life now. Songs that I can feel to and sigh in agreement with. There was a time when the bands I liked where part of my identity. I prided myself on knowing the newest and greatest groups and going to concerts monthly, if not more. My life isn’t conducive to that lifestyle now and I’m ok with that. I just long to hear songs that put into words what my soul wants to say.

PS I know been MIA for the past month. I’ve been participating with NaNoWriMo with my writing group through November, so my focus has been on creative writing. This is a dilemma I find myself in often. I have so little time to write and so many projects I want to do. There’s this blog, various articles/contest submissions, journaling and the goal of actually completing a book some day. How to fit it all in?


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