My Voice

Life became too heavy for me. It's not a big surprise since the current situation of our world, countries and neighborhoods are just that: heavy. Like a giant boulder, we pushed just enough to see what lies underneath; full of creepy, crawling things and damp darkness. It hasn't been pretty, even if it has been... Continue Reading →

Self Love

With April being National Poetry Month, I have been reading, well, poetry! I've never been much of a poetry reader or writer, but the poems I've been reading have been really enjoyable. It prompted me to try writing my own. Yesterday I lounged on the swing on our front porch, enjoying the warming spring sunshine... Continue Reading →


It was freezing outside, but I stood out in the cold with just a sweater on to catch the perfect snowflakes fluttering down from the sky. Often snowstorms hammer down with white small balls or clumps, covering the ground. However, this afternoon, the snowfall was light and I considered myself lucky to catch the detailed... Continue Reading →

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