It was freezing outside, but I stood out in the cold with just a sweater on to catch the perfect snowflakes fluttering down from the sky. Often snowstorms hammer down with white small balls or clumps, covering the ground. However, this afternoon, the snowfall was light and I considered myself lucky to catch the detailed... Continue Reading →

Foot Shot Friday – A Walk in the Canyon

Welcome to my new series on the blog, Foot Shot Friday. Years ago started I started to take pictures of my feet when I went to a new place. I think this little quirk of mine started when I really got into hiking and the outdoors. It's not because I think I have cute feet... Continue Reading →

The Ache

  It happens every year. It first comes when I notice the evenings turning darker a few minutes earlier each night. The sunset that feels much too premature accompanies the ache. It's subtle and under the surface, but it is there. I feel it again a couple weeks later as I load the grocery bags... Continue Reading →

2015- A Photo Essay

It has taken me two weeks to finish this 2015 post, which I had planned on sharing on New Year's Eve. You can just guess how my New Year's resolutions are going... (hint: very slow).  I wouldn't say 2015 was an awful year, it just hasn't been a year of smooth sailing, but I'm grateful for... Continue Reading →

Leaves on the Trees

A friend and I took our baby boys up the canyon and we all went on a hike together; the babies in their hiking carriers on our backs and us on the meandering paths. The leaves are changing in the higher elevations and the views were invigorating and lovely. It was a good day.  

An Autumn Salutations

I've always considered myself a summer girl. I long for hot days and warm summer nights all year long. Flip flops, hiking, swimming, camping, road trips, BBQs, fireworks and all things summer are what my dreams are made of during colder months. However, this year feels different. I've done the hiking and swimming. I've been... Continue Reading →

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