The Ache

  It happens every year. It first comes when I notice the evenings turning darker a few minutes earlier each night. The sunset that feels much too premature accompanies the ache. It's subtle and under the surface, but it is there. I feel it again a couple weeks later as I load the grocery bags... Continue Reading →


Be Brave

  As I’ve been observing my toddler’s budding personality, I have found that parenthood has this sometimes bizarre side where you watch aspects of yourself outside of yourself. I see LM do something funny and laugh at himself. I, who have been known to laugh at my own jokes, can’t help but smile and think,... Continue Reading →

The Fog

Earlier this month a bout of fog settled in our valley. The first day it arrived, it was a novelty. On the way to the store, I pulled out my phone at a stoplight to click a picture of the white nothingness that surrounded me. The next day as the newness of the fog wore... Continue Reading →

An Experiment of Service

I love celebrating holidays, a lot. I think I get it from my mom, who always had our house decorated for each holiday and was known for making various colors of pancakes to commemorate each day: pink hearts for Valentines Day, green for St. Patrick's Day and so forth. Celebrating is in my blood. With... Continue Reading →

Thoughts During Yoga

  I told myself that the next post I wrote needed to be lighthearted. So far, most of my posts have had such a serious tone. My past personal blog was full of funny happenstances and amusing things I had found online. However, do you ever feel like one facet of your personality takes center... Continue Reading →

Learning to Bloom

  "Bloom where you're planted" or "Love the skies you are under." These are both great old adages which I'm not the best at. I've been feeling that itch again. The need for a change, a distraction. I was the worst at following this itch of mine in college. If I ever felt like I... Continue Reading →


I’ve struggled with bouts of insomnia for most of my life. It has gotten worse since having a baby. My son must have inherited my sleeplessness, because it took a good 10 months before he would sleep through the night. Even though he sleeps to morning now, I don’t. I can hear the stillness from... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Love

I've read a couple of interesting articles on the topic of love recently. There was this article, "The Peril of Not Dying for Love" which I could really relate to from my own single years. Then there was this post, "Why Marriage Ought to be Painful" which had some really interesting points. I don't consider myself... Continue Reading →

Expectations vs Reality

Last weekend, we escaped to the mountains with my whole family. The majority of us stayed in a massive house we rented, so we could have more bonding time together. Before we left, I had this thought in my head that when I returned I could write a post about how nature rejuvenates me and... Continue Reading →

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