Honesty Is The Best Policy?

Sometimes we get take-out for dinner and find an empty park to eat at. It is a great way to get our little kiddos outside and run around a bit. (And I always have high hopes it will wear them out before bedtime.) On one of these fine evenings, in an effort to be good... Continue Reading →


I was working while my baby boy was playing with blocks. He excitedly brought the one pictured above over to me. "Mama, you!" he smiled and pointed at the picture. I couldn't help but laugh, "That's right baby, the Queen." I have taught him well. Don't tell his dad that he brought the block with... Continue Reading →

Another Year Around The Sun

I really like new beginnings: New Year's, the start of the school year (even though I'm not in school), flipping to a new month on the calendar, the beginning of a new season, my birthday. I really love the feeling of starting fresh that comes with a new beginning. It gives me new energy and... Continue Reading →

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