2015- A Photo Essay

It has taken me two weeks to finish this 2015 post, which I had planned on sharing on New Year's Eve. You can just guess how my New Year's resolutions are going... (hint: very slow).  I wouldn't say 2015 was an awful year, it just hasn't been a year of smooth sailing, but I'm grateful for... Continue Reading →

Thoughts During Yoga

  I told myself that the next post I wrote needed to be lighthearted. So far, most of my posts have had such a serious tone. My past personal blog was full of funny happenstances and amusing things I had found online. However, do you ever feel like one facet of your personality takes center... Continue Reading →

1 Year

Last month was my son’s first birthday. When he woke up that morning, I wanted to shout and cheer, “We did it! We made it through the first year, you and me! Through the sleepless nights and painful nursing. Through croup and teething and dozens and dozens of google searches when I didn’t know what... Continue Reading →

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