If Parenting were a Video Game…

There have been times in my short couple years of being a parent that I have found it helpful to view parenting as you would as a video game. This might sound bizarre, but hear me out. You always hear of those disasters that babies/toddler/young children and so forth cause. Yet, when you meet your... Continue Reading →

The Equilibrium of Life and How I Broke Mine

In my past pre-baby life, I was a producer for photo shoots and video shoots. My days were full of working with casting to get models, filling out paperwork, planning travel, talking to clients, buying props and wardrobe and being the communicator. In my opinion, I was pretty good at it. While I produced successful... Continue Reading →


I’ve struggled with bouts of insomnia for most of my life. It has gotten worse since having a baby. My son must have inherited my sleeplessness, because it took a good 10 months before he would sleep through the night. Even though he sleeps to morning now, I don’t. I can hear the stillness from... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Love

I've read a couple of interesting articles on the topic of love recently. There was this article, "The Peril of Not Dying for Love" which I could really relate to from my own single years. Then there was this post, "Why Marriage Ought to be Painful" which had some really interesting points. I don't consider myself... Continue Reading →

Expectations vs Reality

Last weekend, we escaped to the mountains with my whole family. The majority of us stayed in a massive house we rented, so we could have more bonding time together. Before we left, I had this thought in my head that when I returned I could write a post about how nature rejuvenates me and... Continue Reading →

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