Another Year Around The Sun

I really like new beginnings: New Year's, the start of the school year (even though I'm not in school), flipping to a new month on the calendar, the beginning of a new season, my birthday. I really love the feeling of starting fresh that comes with a new beginning. It gives me new energy and... Continue Reading →

The Road of Life

I'm feeling nostalgic today. Ten years ago today, my husband asked me out on our very first date. We had been friends over the summer and I thought it was just that, friends going out for dinner and a fun evening. I think my husband thought similarly. Not many first dates are considered magical and... Continue Reading →


"People, people" LM says as he points to picture of a beautiful white building on my wall. LM is in the stage which is described as “word explosion stage.” I stop folding laundry and glance up. His new word "people" seems pretty straight forward, that is until I realize what he is pointing at. What he... Continue Reading →

Learning to Bloom

  "Bloom where you're planted" or "Love the skies you are under." These are both great old adages which I'm not the best at. I've been feeling that itch again. The need for a change, a distraction. I was the worst at following this itch of mine in college. If I ever felt like I... Continue Reading →

Leaves on the Trees

A friend and I took our baby boys up the canyon and we all went on a hike together; the babies in their hiking carriers on our backs and us on the meandering paths. The leaves are changing in the higher elevations and the views were invigorating and lovely. It was a good day.  

An Autumn Salutations

I've always considered myself a summer girl. I long for hot days and warm summer nights all year long. Flip flops, hiking, swimming, camping, road trips, BBQs, fireworks and all things summer are what my dreams are made of during colder months. However, this year feels different. I've done the hiking and swimming. I've been... Continue Reading →

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