Honesty Is The Best Policy?

Sometimes we get take-out for dinner and find an empty park to eat at. It is a great way to get our little kiddos outside and run around a bit. (And I always have high hopes it will wear them out before bedtime.) On one of these fine evenings, in an effort to be good parents, my husband and I decided we should have a little chat about gratitude with our kids. Quarantine life has brought about, maybe, too many Amazon packages left on our porch filled with different types of fun and entertainment. (Purely for sanity reasons.) However, too many bright and flashy toys and activities have brought about demanding little children. “No more!” I thought to myself in determination.

We sat our children down one evening at a picnic table at one of our favorite parks. During our dinner of chicken nuggets (next take-out dinner I’ll work on nutrition) I read a little story to them about gratitude, because gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving! We discussed how gratitude is what really makes us happy, not just new toys. I then decided we should go around the table and say things we are grateful for. This is how it went:

Youngest child: “Grandma and Grandpa!”

Husband: “Mommy and guitars!” (Thanks honey.)

Oldest child, who was sitting between my husband and me: “You two.”

Me: “Aw, thanks sweetie. I’m grateful for you too.”

Oldest child, with an eye roll: “No mom, YouTube.”

My husband and I could not stop laughing, much to the confusion of our young children. I think we will have a different talk about too much media next week.


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