The Road of Life

I’m feeling nostalgic today. Ten years ago today, my husband asked me out on our very first date. We had been friends over the summer and I thought it was just that, friends going out for dinner and a fun evening. I think my husband thought similarly.

Not many first dates are considered magical and I wouldn’t say any of the activities of that night were out of the ordinary, but one-on-one talking with each other, we really connected that evening. I remember not wanting the date to end. When I came home, closing the door to my apartment behind me, I had a sense that things had changed. If I could see ten years down the road of life, I would see that change would lead to marriage, adventures, a few hard times and two babies.

I’m always amazed how in life sometimes the simplest of events can put us on a whole different trajectory, for better or for worst. We fret over where to go to school, where to take a job and so forth, but it could be a simple dinner with a friend that holds the biggest impact. Life is a funny thing, isn’t it?


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