The Songs of Christmas

I once knew a couple who had a rule in their marriage that they could only give Christmas gifts to each other that they had made. They were also crazy talented people who could throw together all kinds creations with ease. I found this arrangement of theirs incredibly romantic.

During one of our first Christmases together, my husband Danny and I found ourselves with very low funds. With Christmas just a few days away, we decided that we could give the gift of the songs of Christmas, well at least a few of them. (Have I ever mentioned that my husband is an amazing musician? I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife. He really has a gift when it comes to playing the guitar.) We huddled around his audio equipment in the room that we shared as an office in our drafty duplex apartment. He strummed the chords while I sang along. I’m not sure what our family members thought when they received the songs. The recordings were by no means professional. However, the nostalgia that surfaces while listening to these songs has become a gift to me. You never realize that a moment in your life is precious until it is a memory in hindsight. There was something very sweet and almost pure about being newly married and discovering how our talents mixed together to make something that wasn’t just his, or mine, but ours.

I share these songs, not because I think they are the most amazing remakes of these Christmas carols. In fact, I think there are many instances where I have sung better. I share them because Christmas is about sharing happiness and this was a time when I really felt the joy of Christmas cheer.


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