An Autumn Salutations

From an autumn in times past.
  From an autumn in times past.

I’ve always considered myself a summer girl. I long for hot days and warm summer nights all year long. Flip flops, hiking, swimming, camping, road trips, BBQs, fireworks and all things summer are what my dreams are made of during colder months. However, this year feels different. I’ve done the hiking and swimming. I’ve been living in flip flops for months. I’ve attended BBQs and had my share of s’mores and in all honesty, I’m exhausted.

I’ve been quietly counting down the days for the leaves to turn to a crispy gold and the nights to become cool and clear. This is so unlike me. Is the altering of a favorite season a sign of changing seasons in my own life? I’m not sure. All I know is I can’t wait for boots and sweaters, pumpkins and apple cider, canyon drives to see the blazing oranges, aspen yellows and crimson leaves. Today may have been just as warm as yesterday, but flipping my calendar to a new month felt exhilarating. Autumn isn’t here quite yet, but I can feel it and I welcome it with open arms.


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