Expectations vs Reality

Last weekend, we escaped to the mountains with my whole family. The majority of us stayed in a massive house we rented, so we could have more bonding time together. Before we left, I had this thought in my head that when I returned I could write a post about how nature rejuvenates me and I found my writing muse in the mountain peaks. However, that didn’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, we did have some fun times with my family. There was swimming, making meals together, playing at the lake and a hot air balloon festival going on. However, there was also a massive home where the AC didn’t work, babies (particularly my own) missing naps and wailing because of it and lack of communication between siblings which happens in every family.

After a long day at the lake and then family pictures, I put my exhausted child down to sleep, with the plan in mind to go play card games with my siblings and their spouses. LM woke up an hour later screaming. Nothing would calm him down, not a bottle, not his parents, nothing. In desperation, my husband and I decided to take LM for a car ride, to see if that would get him back to sleep and to give the rest of the family some peace.

I was tired and ornery. As I slammed the car door closed, I turned to my husband, Danny, and announced, “We will never have fun again.”

I laugh at that announcement now, but I was serious in the moment.

Danny didn’t say a word and started the car. We drove through the dark streets of the small mountain town. The screams from the backseat turned to cries, which turned to whimpers and eventually heavy sleeping sighs. I stared into the dark and every once in awhile gave warnings to Danny when I could make out balls of fur or glowing eyes of wildlife up ahead. A raccoon or a rabbit would scamper off to the safety of the trees as we passed by. I silently slipped my hand into my husband’s hand as he drove. I’ve always loved his hands. Warm and calloused from guitar playing. My frustration faded away under the sparkling sky above and it was replaced with gratitude that I had Danny by my side.


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